“Whimsical” “Surreal” “Energetic” “Fun”
These four words capture the essence of Daniel Jay’s mixed media paintings and sculptures. He draws on many arenas for inspiration, for example cave paintings, graffiti, pop art, realism, surrealism, abstraction, illustration and graphic design.

The artist’s career in graphic design, computer graphics and 3D animation has enabled him to spend many years developing skill sets and refining techniques that are displayed in his fine art creations. This includes not only the tools employed, but also the intersection of digital and physical present in two and three dimensional pieces alike.

Inspired by a philosophy to making art available to the people, his works display vibrancy, positive energy, harmony and hope.

In addition to developing new pieces within existing bodies of work, Daniel is expanding upon a series imaginary landscapes that display three dimensional pieces within realistic urban landscapes around New York City. Follow Daniel on Instagram via @danieljaynyc to keep up to date with this series and other ongoing bodies of work.

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